About TheHumidor.com

Image of a walk-in humidor in an ABC Fine Wine & Spirits store.

Our History

TheHumidor.com is a nationwide e-Commerce site featuring cigars sourced from all over the world. Alongside our parent company, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits in Florida, we are one of the largest and most respected cigar retailers in the country.

Our online humidor has a vast selection of thousands of cigars from the top large and small manufacturers in addition to box sets, pre-made samplers and accessories. We take pride in going the distance for the best quality cigars and value over anywhere else. Our certified tobacconists travel to places like Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic every year to bring back the best hand-rolled cigars on the market, including many of the brands customers have trouble finding on other sites.

We store our products in more than 120 humidors in Florida including a 5000-square-foot warehouse with a state-of-the-art water filtration system to ensure humidification is free of any impurities. The room is also kept at a perfect 70 percent humidity and 70-degree temperature to avoid any changes in the cigar flavor or quality. Special, humidified packaging is used with each shipment to protect the cigars during delivery.

We buy from the most popular brands as well as smaller farmers. During each visit, we learn from the most experienced cigar makers who put great care in everything they do from tobacco seed to stick. At TheHumidor.com, we’ve taken their best practices and incorporated into what we do.

It can be hard to commit to an entire box of the same cigars, especially if you haven’t discovered a favorite one to smoke. Or maybe you just like smoking cigars with different bodies, strengths or prices. That’s why TheHumidor.com lets you mix individual sticks and save. When you mix six or more sticks, you save 10 percent on your purchase. You can trust that each cigar is pulled from our humidors just for you and packaged carefully to keep them fresh. That’s just how we roll.

Our parent company, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits has been family-owned and operated out of Central Florida since 1936. TheHumidor.com emerged out of the growing popularity of ABC's in-store humidors where cigar enthusiasts and locals can hand pick some of the world’s best brands and hard-to-find cigars.

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