How to Store Cigars

You have purchased a handful of cigars and obviously have plans to smoke them, but you can’t smoke all the sticks at once. So, where will you store the rest? Our cigar experts discussed the best way to store cigars. Find out what they had to say below.

How to Store Cigars

It is well known that a humidor is the best place to store cigars, but what is the proper humidification and temperature you need to maintain? A lot of folks will tell you it depends on your elevation. However, we find it best to keep it simple – the rule of 70. Keep your temperature at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 70% humidity. Some naysayers will claim that will over-humidify your cigars, so if you feel that way, 65% is fine. However, Chris Gwaltney, the chief certified tobacconist at, swears by 70% because no matter where you are in the country, if your humidity percentage is close to 70, your bases should be covered.

“70% humidity is a really safe way for you to go because your cigars are going to dry out a lot faster than they will get moldy,” said Gwaltney.

Hand holding a Boveda pack above box of cigars

How to Pick a Humidor

There are a lot of great humidors to choose from. There are options from plastic travel humidors to elaborate stationary wood humidors. What is important to keep top of mind when shopping for a humidor is to pick something where you can maintain a constant atmosphere for your cigars. If you are not planning to start a collection and need to store a few cigars, grab a plastic airtight container and throw in a humidification pack that will provide two-way humidification. Boveda makes the famous Boveda pack that provides two-way humidification, adding moisture if it needs it or takes it out if it doesn’t need it. There is no right or wrong choice when shopping for a humidor. Find one you can commit to maintaining the rule of 70.

How Long Will Cigars Last in a Humidor?

We frequently get asked, “What is the life cycle of a cigar,” and “Can I age cigars for 20 or 30 years?” Technically, if the cigar stays in its neutral state of proper humidification and temperature, it will not spoil. However, it does not necessarily get better with age. The risk is higher than the reward. If you have invested in nice cigars, and you are waiting on a special occasion to smoke them, they will be fine in a humidor if you maintain the temperature and humidity. Otherwise, there is really no benefit to waiting. Do not get caught up in aging cigars. Most cigars, like most wine, are meant to be consumed within a year it is produced.

Hand holding a cigar stick wrapped in cellophane above a box of cigars

Should You Remove the Cellophane?

Should you take the cellophane off the cigar before you store it in a humidor? The purpose of the cellophane is to provide protection and safety to your cigar, so let it do just that. Many people think if you do not take the cellophane off, the cigar won’t be able to breathe, but that is false. Cellophane is not plastic; it is a plant-based material that allows moisture to come in and out. Therefore, it will not restrict the humidification you are providing in your humidor.

Do Cigars Lose Humidification During the Shipping Process?

As a retailer, we store all our cigars in a state-of-the-art humidified warehouse. When we ship them to you, they never leave humidification. They are carefully packaged in humidified bags that hold proper humidification beyond the time it takes to get to your door. Rest assured, from the source, to the warehouse, to the trucks and to your front door, your cigars will always be properly humidified.

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